30. September 2018
The announced Friday Gaming League Duo Ladder is cancelled due to not enough registrations to date. Learn more in this article.

24. September 2018
Play to win on the next Friday Gaming event! Prizes are now added to the Friday Gaming Duo Destruction Ladder (FGL DDL) for the October event. Check out more in this article.

15. September 2018
The FGL reached another milestone. After initial technical difficulties, we started off huge: the Duo Destruction 1! Learn more in this article.

12. September 2018
Reminder for the upcoming FGL Duo tournament "Duo Destruction 1"

04. September 2018
Finally, BF returns to what really matters: its content! Find out what really is in the game and why it's a push in the right direction.

30. August 2018
Preisgelder, Turniere, endlich richtig was zu gewinnen! Die FGL bietet in Kürze das, was sich viele Friday Gamer schon lange wünschen. Doch wie sieht die Ligastruktur nun aus?

29. August 2018
The brand new FGL website is here! Find out what it holds for us and why it's so damn cool for Friday Gaming in this article.

24. August 2018
Summary of the first FGL PUBG Solo Showdown tournament